Street of Crocodiles Theatre de Complicite

The Street of Crocodiles
Queens Theatre, West End, London 1999 and National Theatre 1992
Directed by Simon McBurney
Based on stories by Bruno Stultz and adapted by Simon McBurney & Mark Wheatley

A lot of these pictures are out of focus and dog-eared but give a quality of action excitement and energy that was the basis to creating this piece. For me this is the early anarchic days of image making and storytelling for devised theatre. It is hard work but a lot of fun.

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    “The troupe’s brilliant ensemble and its design team, headed by Rae Smith, fill the stage with the sort of distorted, improbable images that you see in real life only through peripheral vision, mirages that evaporate or change into something altogether ordinary when you turn your head and stare at them straight on. It’s a process of disorientation that’s both blissful and profoundly disturbing, and when you leave the theater, you expect the ground beneath your feet to give way.”
    FESTIVAL REVIEW/Theater By BEN BRANTLEY, Published: July 18, 1998